Classroom Presentations

The Education team has a diverse line-up of hands-on, cross-curricular, and educational presentations that can made in the comfort of your own classroom!

You may schedule a presenter by calling (501) 682-5279.

Arkansas State Symbols
(Grades K-2)

With objects students can see and touch, this presentation provides a fun and interactive way to teach students about Arkansas State Symbols! This presentation pairs well with the State Symbols Activity book. [Order by clicking here!]

The Three Branches of Government and How a Bill Becomes a Law
(Grades 4-8)

An overview of the three branches of Government followed by an activity that has students create a law, beginning as a bill, actively participating in the steps of how a bill becomes a law at the Capitol Building!

The Arkansas Traveler
(Grades 3-12)

This presentation is as cross-curricular as it gets! Students analyze symbols and discuss Arkansas’ History and reputation by exploring the tale, the tune, and the painting of the iconic Arkansas Traveler. We even have some great extension activities which include students creating their own, modern day Arkansas Traveler song or painting.

Little Golden Books
(Grades K-5)

Beginning with a brief history of Little Golden Books, with a focus on Little Rock-native Mercer Mayer’s work as an illustrator and author in the series, students learn the difference between an author and an illustrator by engaging with their own creative skills in illustrating and/or writing.