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The Arkansas Secretary of State's Office is the entity responsible for commissioning notaries who wish to perform electronic notarial acts.  An eNotary is a Notary Public who notarizes documents electronically via the use of a digital signature and digital notary seal to notarize digital documents and validate with a digital certificate. This can be done in-person or remotely (also known as remote online notarization or RON).

The eNotary must use an approved eNotary solution provider and the eNotary and signers must be in the same physical location at the time the document is electronically signed and notarized. An eNotary that utilizes approved remote online notarization (RON) solution providers must be in Arkansas but do not have to be in the physical presence of the signer(s). Some of the approved solution providers offer both eNotary and remote online notarization technology. The approved solution providers are listed later on this page.

Remote Online Notarization (RON) Act 1047 of 2021 at a glance

  • Allows Arkansas eNotaries in good standing to perform remote notarization when an approved solution provider is utilized.
  • Notaries and eNotaries that do not use approved RON technology are still required to verify, identity, and be in the physical presence of the signer during the notarial act.
  • The same type of notarial acts that are performed by notaries public may be performed by remote online notaries.
  • When performing RON, the notary must be physically located in Arkansas but the principal/signer may be located outside the state.
  • Approved RON technology includes secure video capabilities (not FaceTime, Zoom, etc) and identity, proofing, and credential analysis tools.
  • Recording of the remote notarial act must be retained by the solution provider for five years.
  • Fraud is classified as a Class D felony.
  • The current requirement continues for eNotary refresher training every two years.
  • There are no additional registration requirements for an eNotary to be able to perform remote online notarizations.

eNotary Registration

Step 1: You must be an Arkansas notary in Good Standing. Complete the Online Application for Electronic Notary Commission, which requires a $25 fee paid electronically ($20 application fee and $5 convenience fee). You will file an amendment for "enotary initial application". See Pages 19-20 in the User Guide for more details. 

Note: If you have less than a year left on your traditional pen and ink commission, it is recommended that you wait until you renew that commission before applying to become an eNotary. Your eNotary commission will expire on the same date as your pen and ink commission. 

Step 2: Upon notification of acceptance of the application, you must complete eNotary training and an exam.

The eNotary Training Course and exam are both offered online.  Both are presented on behalf of the Secretary of State by the American Society of Notaries (ASN). 

eNotary applicants will take their training course and exam through a single online process at their convenience.  Applicants will use the same log-in to access both course and exam, may study the course material at length before taking the exam, and will receive their proof of course/exam completion instantaneously if they pass the exam.  Current eNotaries will also complete their required refresher training every two years through this process.

• Course/Exam Fee: $30, payable by credit card during the registration process. 

Note: The American Society of Notaries (ASN) does not assist with Notary commission applications, nor does it sell surety bonds or other insurance products.

Step 3: Upon successful completion of the exam, register with an approved solution provider of your choice.  

a)  If you wish to be able to perform remote online notarizations the solution providers that are approved to offer RON technology in Arkansas are:

*Also offer electronic notarization IPEN (in-person electronic notarization) solutions

These solution providers use secure audio/video, identity proofing, and credential analysis technology to meet anti-fraud, record retention, and security and confidentiality legal requirements. Their solutions are MISMO (Mortgage Industry Standards Maintenance Organization) compliant, designating they meet industry standards.

b) If you do not wish to perform remote online notarization these are the approved eNotary solution providers.

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