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Charitable Registration in Arkansas
Charities Forms
Form CR-01 – Charitable Organization Registration Form
Form CR-02 – Charitable Organization Consent for Service
Form CR-03 – Annual Financial Report Form
Form CR-04 – Notice of Sales Promotion with Coventurer
Form EX-01 – Exempt Organization Verification
Fundraising Counsel Forms
Form FC-01 – Fundraising Counsel Annual Application for Registration
Form FC-02 – Fundraising Counsel Consent for Service
Paid Solicitor Forms
Form PS-01 – Paid Solicitor Annual Application for Registration
Form PS-02 – Bond for Paid Solicitor
Form PS-03 – Paid Solicitor Consent for Service
Form PS-04 – Paid Solicitor Notice of Entry Into Contract
Form PS-05 – Financial Report for Solicitation Campaign
Form PT-01 – Professional Telemarketer Annual Application for Registration
Form PT-02 – Professional Telemarketer Consent for Service
Telephonic Sellers Forms
Act 137 of 1993 – Act to Require Registration and to Regulate Telephonic Sellers
Form TS-01 – Telephonic Seller Application for Registration
Form TS-02 – Telephonic Seller Consent for Service
Form TS-03 – Telephonic Salesperson Application for Registration
Form TS-04 – Telephonic Salesperson Consent for Service
Form TS-05 - Bond for Telephonic Seller
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