2018 Proposed Ballot Issues

  • Issue One - SJR8 - Proposing an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution to limit attorneys' contingency fees in civil actions to thirty-three and one-third percent (33 1/3%) of the net recovery; to limit awards of punitive damages and non-economic damages in civil actions; to require adjustments to the limitations on punitive and non-economic damage awards for inflation or deflation; and to provide that the General Assembly may, by a three-fifths vote of each house, amend or repeal a rule of pleading, practice, or procedure prescribed by the Supreme Court and adopt a rule of pleading, practice, or procedure.  [Read the full text]
  • Issue Two - HJR1016 - An amendment to the Arkansas Constitution concerning the presentation of valid photographic identification when voting; requiring that a voter present valid photographic identification when voting in person or when casting an absentee ballot; and providing that the State of Arkansas issue photographic identification at no charge to eligible voters lacking photographic identification. [Read the full text]
  • Issue Three - Arkansas Term Limits Amendment - A proposed amendment to the Arkansas Constitution concerning term limits for members of the Arkansas General Assembly; to provide that no person may be elected to more than three (3) two-year terms as a member of the House of Representatives, to more than two (2) four-year terms as a member of the Senate, or to any term that, if served, would cause the member to exceed a total of ten (10) years of service in the General Assembly; to repeal Section 2(c) of Amendment 73 that established a years-of-service limit on members of the General Assembly of sixteen (16) years; to provide that the ten-year service limit shall include all two (2) and four (4) year terms, along with full years of any partial term served as a result of a special election to fill a vacancy; to apply the limits to terms and service in the General Assembly on and after January 1, 1993; to provide that this amendment shall not cut short or invalidate a term to which a member of the General Assembly was elected prior to the effective date of this amendment; to provide that notwithstanding the General Assembly’s constitutional authority to propose amendments to the Constitution, the General Assembly shall not have the authority to propose an amendment to the Constitution regarding term limits for the House of Representatives or Senate, and to continue reserving that power to the people under Article 5, Section 1, as amended by Amendment 7; and to declare that if any provision of this amendment should be held invalid, the remainder shall stand. [Read the full text]
  • Issue Four - An Amendment to Require Four Licenses to be Issued for Casino Gaming at Casinos, One Each in Crittenden (to Southland Racing Corporation), Garland (to Oaklawn Jockey Club, Inc.), Pope, and Jefferson Counties. [Read the full text]
  • Issue Five - An Act to Increase the Arkansas Minimum Wage - An Act to amend the Arkansas Code concerning the State minimum wage; the Act would raise the current State minimum wage from eight dollars and fifty cents ($8.50) per hour to nine dollars and twenty-five cents ($9.25) per hour on January 1, 2019, to ten dollars ($10.00) per hour on January 1, 2020, and to eleven dollars ($11.00) per hour on January 1, 2021.  [Read the full text]

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